Trust Us to Take Care of Your Brakes

Trust Us to Take Care of Your Brakes

Ask about our brake services including repairs and replacements in Scranton, PA

Tired of hearing high-pitched squeals every time you pump the brakes? Not only are old, damaged brakes annoying, but they can be a significant hazard to you and other drivers. Make sure you and your family are safe with professional brake repair service from Paul's Auto Repair in Scranton, PA.

Our experienced mechanic is equipped to handle all of your brake maintenance needs. We can check for issues with rotors, hoses and drums. We'll do our best to make sure your brakes are ready to react should you need to stop fast.

Call 570-342-1486 now to speak with a local brake repair pro.

3 signs you should replace your brakes

If you're concerned about the brakes in your car, reach out to the mechanic at Paul's Auto Repair today. We offer unmatched brake replacement services in Scranton, PA. You should bring your car to our shop if:

  1. You hear grinding each time you push down on the brake pedal
  2. You have to apply more force than usual to stop your vehicle
  3. Your car feels wobbly when you hit the brakes

If you notice these or any other issues with your brakes, you can count on our brake replacement team to help. We'll make sure your car is road-ready ASAP.