Problem With Your Car's Cooling System? Don't Sweat It

Problem With Your Car's Cooling System? Don't Sweat It

Let an experienced mechanic repair your cooling system in Scranton, PA

Your car's cooling system is responsible for keeping the components of your vehicle operating as intended. One of the most common issues with cooling systems is a failing radiator. If the radiator is leaking, damaged or blocked, it can make your engine overheat.

Paul's Auto Repair in Scranton, PA can provide you with an experienced mechanic to check your radiator. Bring your car in today for a full diagnostic test.

What can a hot engine do to your car?

If you suspect that your engine is overheating while you're on the road, you should pull over as soon as possible and contact a mechanic. A hot engine can:

  • Cause your car to break down
  • Deteriorate hoses, gaskets and belts
  • Degrade your antifreeze

To prevent damage to your engine, Paul's Auto Repair can flush and refill coolant in addition to performing repairs. For any questions about your car's cooling systems, call us today at 570-342-1486.