Steer Our Way for a Reliable Vehicle

Call us for steering and suspension repairs in Scranton, PA

Your suspension takes a lot of daily wear-and-tear, especially on uneven roads and roads with hazardous debris. Snowy or rainy conditions can also affect your car’s steering and suspension, so make sure to call Paul’s Auto Repair when you need repairs.

Count on us for:
  • Steering repairs: If you can’t turn your wheel properly, your steering fluid might be low.
  • Suspension repairs: If you’re hearing weird noises or your ride is bumpy, you might need to check your suspension.
  • Brake services: If your breaks are grinding or squealing, bring them to us for brake services.

You should only trust the experts when your vehicle needs steering or suspension repairs, so call today to have our professional crew compete your auto repairs.

Warranties are available with our auto repairs

Our warranties keep you covered should you ever run into problems with your steering or suspension in the future. Call now to schedule your suspension or steering repairs in Scranton, PA.