Stay Safe on the Road With a Suspension Repair

Stay Safe on the Road With a Suspension Repair

Choose a reliable mechanic for your suspension in Scranton, PA

Suspension is frequently overlooked by drivers, but bad suspension is detrimental to your safety and the health of your car. At 50,000 miles, you should consider replacing your suspension components to ensure that your car handles smoothly.

Bring your car to Paul's Auto Repair in Scranton, PA today to have a mechanic evaluate your suspension.

3 dangers of bad suspension

Many people are unaware of the reasons it is important to check your car's suspension. Some risks of bad suspension include:

  1. Drifting and rollover
  2. Uneven wear on tires
  3. Loss of steering control

At Paul's Auto Repair, we are always happy to have a professional mechanic help you determine whether or not you need repairs. For any questions regarding suspension, call us today at 570-342-1486.