Start Taking Better Care of Your Tires

Learn about the perks of regular tire rotation in Scranton, PA

Your tires take a beating each time you hit the road. If you need help keeping your tires in tip-top shape, stop by Paul's Auto Repair today. We're a trusted tire rotation shop in Scranton, PA. Not only will rotating your tires help your car run smoother, but it can save you a ton on tire replacements, too.

For more details about our tire replacement services, call us now at 570-342-1486.

Choose a local mechanic for tire rotation service

Choose a local mechanic for tire rotation service

Many drivers in Scranton, PA trust Paul's Auto Repair to rotate their tires. You should, too. Our mechanic is equipped rotate the tires on vehicles of all types and sizes. We recommend regular tire rotation to:

  • Promote even tread wear across all four tires
  • Extend the life of your tires
  • Prevent tire-related damage and keep you safer

Has daily wear and tear taken its toll on your tires? No problem-you can hire our Scranton, PA mechanic to replace your tires, too. We carry tires of all types, sizes and treads.